Support the Living, Remember the Fallen – Cllr Darryl Wilson

Councillor Darryl Wilson with members of the Ballymoney Branch of the Royal British Legion. inbm45-14s
Councillor Darryl Wilson with members of the Ballymoney Branch of the Royal British Legion. inbm45-14s

Cllr Darryl Wilson of the Ulster Unionist Party has called on communities to wear their poppies with pride in the period running up to and during Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

Cllr Wilson said: “We must commend the tireless efforts of all involved in the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Their support and after-care of serving soldiers and veterans is invaluable.

“The poppy is a powerful symbol. By buying and wearing a poppy we remember the supreme sacrifice made by service personnel from the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth. We also show support for those still serving today and their loved ones.

“We must always remember the tragic personal losses to our Armed Forces and military personnel past and present. Even though our armed services members are aware of the dangers involved in their work, these gallant men and women continue to bravely serve their country with pride and dignity. As a community, and as a Nation we owe them a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid.

“Locally we are very aware of the sacrifices made by the Armed forces. We think of the men and women of the UDR, RIR, PSNI and RUC. We also think of those who served in the Prison Service and all arms of Her Majesty`s forces. They served their country day and daily throughout some of the most tempestuous periods in our Country’s history, many personnel being injured and mentally scarred, many paying the ultimate price with their lives.

“We cannot thank our forces enough for making Northern Ireland a better place for future generations, and our Country a safer place to live. Wear your poppy with pride as a tribute to those who paid such a high price for our safety.

“In these coming weeks, wear your poppy with pride and pay tribute to those who have so bravely served their country, and at the same time help ensure that there is real support for those who served and continue to serve.”