Support from Council to oppose closure

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Calls for the local council to oppose the proposed closure of the Roddens care home in Ballymoney have gained unanimous approval.

The Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has given its full support to the Roddens, an issue raised by Ballymoney UUP Councillor Daryl Wilson.

Cllr Wilson said: “I’ve been in contact with members of families, residents’ family members, who are living in the Roddens at the minute and I’ve been in contact with relatives and family members of people who use the Roddens for respite care - the step-up and step-down facilities.

“I think it is very important that members realise and I am sure members do realise how much of a detrimental impact it will have if the Roddens care home closes in Ballymoney.

“There are a number of residents still in the home on a full time basis. I think there are eight at present with three semi-permanent residents and as I’ve alluded to there are six or seven step-up and step-down beds.

“The family members have said to me that this is a matter of life and death for the people who are in this care home. It is that important.”

TUV Councillor Sharon McKillop said: “This is not just a care home, this is a home. The tactic and the strategy is to run down new admissions whereas if this was a genuine consultation there would be new admissions to test demand. The campaign to save the Roddens has my full support and has my party’s full support. It is the DUP, through the Health Minister, to do what is fair and to do right by the Roddens and its elderly residents.”