Summer seat boost

TUV councillor Sharon McKillop has welcomed a decision by Moyle Council to repaint summer seats in Bushmills Millennium Park.

Commenting Cllr McKillop stated: “I welcome the Council’s support for the repainting of summer seats in the Millennium Park.

“Bushmills is the gateway to the Giant’s Causeway and as such has the potential to attract a great number of tourists and revenue to local businesses. It is therefore important that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the village is maintained to a high standard.

“I do feel at times that Bushmills has been somewhat neglected and has not received the investment required to ensure that it reaches its full potential as a tourist stop. Nevertheless simple things like repainting the summer seats cost very little but can dramatically improve the overall attraction of Bushmills and I am therefore delighted that the Council agreed to my request.”