Sugaring Cane launches exclusive service at The Beauty Hub

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Sugaring Cane are delighted to announce the launch of their exclusive Sugaring Services for hair removal at The Beauty Hub in 2 Brooke Street, Coleraine.

Monica Tewes, originally from Venezuela in South America, is the lead sugaring practitioner and is also the trainer and sole distributor for Sugaring Cane products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Sugaring is currently the beauty trend in Europe and has replaced waxing as the number one choice for salons because it is gentle, less painful and much more effective for long-term hair removal.

Body sugaring is an all-natural, modern and effective form of hair removal based on a traditional oriental technique.

Sugaring is performed using sugar paste which is a 100% natural organic product, containing only sugar, water and lemon. It is quick and effective for a smooth and hair-free skin appearance – for both HER and HIM.

There are many benefits for sugaring versus other hair removal methods. It is gentle to the skin with minimal discomfort, irritation or redness. Sugaring is also suitable for sensitive skin. Using natural ingredients, this is an all-natural product with no chemicals. The sugar paste is applied at body temperature and therefore will NOT burn the skin.

The process of sugariing also helps to eliminate ingrown hairs, while gently exfoliating and the improving appearance and texture of the skin.

Regular sugaring will reduce hair growth and also promotes a healthy and soft skin appearance. It is hypoallergenic, sanitary and antiseptic.

Sugaring is long-lasting, gentle and the all-natural alternative for hair removal.

If you are interested in a sugaring appointment, or if you wish to train as a ‘Sugarista’ to offer these services at your salon, please contact Monica at: 07834589120 or please visit our website