Stunning image of Causeway to greet London commuters

More than one million Londoners have this week seen stunning images of Northern Ireland on large outdoor ads dotted at 100 prime locations around London, such as Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace Road and Euston Road.

And a further 1.35 million GB commuters are seeing a full-page advert for Northern Ireland today in Metro – the free newspaper distributed in urban centres across GB including London, the Midlands, North West, North East, Leeds, Sheffield, East Midlands, South West, Merseyside and South Wales.

The outdoor campaign is timed to coincide with the Grande Partenza or ‘Big Start’ of the Giro d’Italia.

Social media activity is also playing a major role in Tourism Ireland’s promotions this week – the organisation has ‘pinked’ all of its Facebook pages, targeting its 2.1 million fans around the world with lots of posts, images and footage of Northern Ireland.