Students spreading the Lag and Tag message

St Patrick’s Primary School, Rasharkin,recently joined forces with NI Water to help spread its vital Lag and Tag message for winter.

The tags are to highlight the need to begin preparations for winter. NI Water has produced the bright tag for customers to loop around the stop valve in their premises. This will ensure they are aware of the location of their stop valve and it will be easily identifiable in the event of a burst pipe.

Jane Jackson, NI Water education manager comments: “We are all aware of the disruption and genuine hardship faced by many people last winter. With that in mind, now is the ideal time for our customers to look at what they can do to prepare for the winter ahead.

“The pupils were each given a tag to take home and learnt about the importance of insulting pipes around the home. Simple steps such as lagging water pipes and locating your stop valve can be vital during a freezing winter.”

A stop valve is used to shut off the flow of water in a pipe. Stop valve tags are available to customers by phoning the Waterline number 08457 440088 or emailing