Student sparks enthusiasm for engineering

Nuffield bursary student Christopher Surgeoner with NIE's Alan Hall. INBM36-14S
Nuffield bursary student Christopher Surgeoner with NIE's Alan Hall. INBM36-14S

A student at Dalriada School has sparked his enthusiasm for a career in engineering with a summer work placement with Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE).

As part of the Nuffield STEM Engineering Bursary, Christopher Surgeoner spent four weeks with his sponsor NIE tackling an engineering project on high voltage circuit breakers. Christopher has just completed his work placement and presented his final project and findings to a panel of NIE engineers today.

Speaking at the presentation Alan Hall, Lines & Stations Delivery Manager said: “I was very impressed by the final project that Christopher presented today. His enthusiasm is overwhelming and he has certainly given us some potential areas to consider.

“There is an on going skills shortage, especially in the electrical engineering sector, so we are pleased to be associated with the Nuffield STEM Engineering Bursary. The Bursary provides young people with the opportunity to get a flavour of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers. I hope Christopher has gained a lot from his placement and has been inspired to follow a career in engineering.”

Christopher enjoyed his work placement at NIE, he said: “I have always been interested in STEM subjects at school and was delighted to receive the Nuffield STEM Engineering Bursary with NIE as my sponsor. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was treated as a professional from day one and given a lot of independence to carry out my report. The experience has been fantastic in terms of seeing all of the work that NIE carries out to keep the lights on. If anyone is considering applying for the Nuffield STEM Engineering Bursary I would say go for it. The placement has been invaluable, I now feel much more confident about my career choice and have met some great people along the way.”

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