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Thousands of local residents are bracing themselves as strike chaos is expected to engulf north Antrim, writes Neil McKnight.

A massive walkout is set to lead to a meltdown of public services in the area on Wednesday.

Many schools will be closed, train and bus services axed and it is feared that council services will be binned due to the industrial action.

Around two million teachers and public sector workers across the UK are striking over major cuts to their pensions and budgets.

The largest industrial action in decades will be severely felt in the borough with hundreds dependent on public transport to get to work and school.

The strike is a further blow to north Antrim which was recently rocked by a contaminated water supply for over a week.

An air of confusion and anxiety hung over the borough for many pupils and parents at the weekend as several schools had still not decided if they were going to close.

However by the time of going to press it was believed that the walkout would hit hundreds of local schoolchildren. One school affected by the action is Ballymoney High.

Principal Rodney Scott said all 643 pupils will not have to attend lessons due to the walkout by some of its 50-strong teaching staff.

He said: “We have considered the number of teachers who are members of unions who are taking industrial action and that will lead to the closure of the school because we could not deliver a full curriculum and normal level of supervision and care.

“As principal I have to take the decision that pupils will not attend school that day.”

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