‘Streetreach’ in the heart of the community

OVER 60 bright yellow ‘T-shirted’ volunteers from Ballymoney Church of God recently gathered in the Castlecroft square with great enthusiasm to take part in their annual Streetreach event.

Musical instruments, sound equipment, tables and chairs were set up on the lower part of Main Street on a very busy Saturday afternoon. A lot of planning, and hard work had obviously gone into the preparation for the afternoon of outreach.

For two hours they shared their faith through the singing of worship songs and the distribution of 100s of leaflets and balloons. Many people stopped to sit and enjoy the lively and inspirational singing whilst enjoying some free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Passers-by commented on the vibrant praise and worship and how Streetreach helped transform an ordinary Saturday afternoon in the town. Many from the Church took the time to chat to shoppers and share their faith.

The organisers say it was obvious that the whole event captured the hearts of adults and children alike.

Ballymoney Church is renowned for its friendly warm welcome and would like to invite you to come and be part of their Sunday Services – 11:30am and 6:30pm. They look forward to seeing you!