Storey rejects ‘Sinn Fein attack on primary schools’

Mervyn Storey
Mervyn Storey
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Education committee chair and DUP education spokesman Mervyn Storey MLA has rejected the Education Minister’s plan to take action against primary schools that help children with transfer testing.

Mr Storey said: “For the past decade each successive Sinn Fein Education Minister has single-mindedly attempted to end academic selection.

Academic selection is not going to end and will be available for those schools who wish to avail of it as

an entrance criteria, so long as schools and parents wish to use it.

“Despite the fact that academic selection cannot be ended in law, this has not stopped the Sinn Fein agenda. Yet again another attempt is made to end academic selection by stealth.

“Boards of Governors and primary school principals are being placed under the threat of a tribunal if there is any mention of academic selection in the classroom. This threat is deplorable.

“What the Minister fails to realise is that academic testing follows the primary school curriculum. It is therefore impossible for teachers to entirely divorce what goes on in the classroom from what the contents of the test are. “Let me be very clear, academic selection will not be brought to an end by these backdoor tactics.

“It is clear, however, that the fact that we have two different tests by which to assess children’s academic ability is a practice that cannot continue. I again call on the representatives of AQE and GL to agree one testing procedure for he benefit of all our children.”