Storey praises courage of armed forces on anniversary of Falklands War

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has spoken of the unfailing courage and dedication of the UK armed forces. Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War Mr Storey said:

“Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Argentinian aggression against and invasion of the Falkland Islands. During the conflict to liberate the Falklands that ensued 255 military personnel and three islanders lost their lives.”

“The invasion by Argentina was an act of unprovoked aggression that ignored the clear wishes of the islanders. It was an attempt to rob them of their freedom and their way of life.

“The courage displayed by all branches of our armed services during that war of liberation and the loss of brave young lives that accompanied that campaign was an example of the professionalism, and bravery that has been the hallmark of our armed services all down through the years.

“The Falkland Islands are free today because of that professionalism and bravery. The right of the islanders to self-determination was vindicated and protected by it.

“It is vital that the UK remains absolutely committed to preserving the islanders’ right to determine their own political future.

“Even today as we mark this poignant anniversary, members of our brave armed services are endangering their own safety in order to protect us. We should ever be thankful for the selfless courage of our brave men and women who place their own lives peril on our behalf.”