Storey in school uniform grant call

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has urged parents who qualify to apply for a school uniform grant.

In a statement, Mr. Storey said: “Grants to help with buying school uniforms for pupils in lower income families are available from education and library boards.”

“In the current economic climate there are many families who are already struggling financially. Costs such as those associated with the need to purchase new school uniforms in advance of the new school year will only add to the stress many families are already experiencing.”

“Grants to assist in the purchase of school uniforms are available for families on benefits or on low incomes - eligibility criteria are similar to those used for free school meals.”

“The scheme covers pupils in primary, post-primary and special schools, however it does not apply to pupils in attendance at nursery schools, nursery units or reception classes.”

“It normally provides for one clothing allowance per pupil during the school year. Assistance to the amount of primary school - £35.75; post-primary/special school under 15 - £51; post-primary/special school over 15 - £56; post-primary/special school PE - £22 and is administered by Education and Library Boards.”

“I would ask people who feel they may qualify for a school uniform grant to make application now. Application forms can be obtained by contacting the North-Eastern Education and Library Board at: 028 2566 2571, 028 2566 2572 or 028 2566 2573.”