Storey congratulates A-level students

Chair of the Assembly’s Education Committee and North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has congratulated all the A-level students across Northern Ireland who received their examination results and in particular those from Ballymoney.

The DUP MLA said that the levels of success in Northern Ireland were something for the entire Province to be proud of.

Commenting Mervyn Storey said :“The results locally are not just testament to excellent schools from every sector, but they are also something everyone in the Province can be proud of.

“No-one will be unaware of the difficult economic climate that these students are emerging into, but the skills and knowledge they have built up will assist them in their career and help build our economy in the future.

“We have much from the Education Minister about failure in our Education system these results show that Northern Ireland Education system is a Gold Medal winner and needs to be encouraged and financed approbately rather than the constant negative comments we have from some.

“For those students who may not have achieve the grades hoped for it is important they explore all the options available to them. The majority of students will be looking towards continuing their studies at university, but there are also other avenues such as our excellent Further Education colleges as well as other work based training schemes.”