Storey calls for urgent action on fuel prices

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has urged the Government to take urgent action on fuel prices in Northern Ireland. Pointing out that people in Northern Ireland pay the highest for fuel anywhere in the United Kingdom Mervyn Storey said:

“We are currently going through very difficult economic and financial times,” he said.

“One major pressure that has come on many household budgets has been the spiralling cost of fuel. This has been especially so in Northern Ireland.

“A survey of prices by the AA has shown that Northern Ireland was at the top of the list in the UK when it came to fuel costs.

“It is vital that the government takes steps to help the many hard pressed households all across Northern Ireland and throughout North Antrim at this time.

“The average price of unleaded petrol in Northern Ireland is 134.6p per litre. This compares with the UK average of 133.5p per litre.

“Government needs to act on this issue. Indeed that Consumer Council has urged the Chancellor to help customers affected by such sky rocketing fuel prices.

“On average every household in the country is paying £677 per year just on the fuel duty element of fuel alone. However for the poorest 20% of our society this amounts to a financial burden that is twice as large a proportion of their income as it is for the richest 20%.

“The result of this is that it is the poorest and most vulnerable who are most badly affected by runaway fuel prices.

“It is important that this issue is not forgotten by the Government. The DUP will continue to press for proper action.”