Storey calls for full investigation in McShane’s actions

Mervyn Storey
Mervyn Storey

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has called for a full investigation into the ‘disgraceful’ behaviour of Padraig McShane in Ballycastle on the Twelfth day.

Commenting on events in Ballycastle on the 12th Day Mervyn Storey said: “The actions, language and behaviour of Padraig McShane in Ballycastle on the 12th day were disgraceful. They were in stack contrast to the dignified behaviour of the Orange Brethren, Sisters and Bandsmen and women on parade. The actions of McShane and others, display the deep imbedded sectarianism that has been the hallmark of republicans such as Padraig McShane for far too long.

“Where was the respect, tolerance and restraint that we are often lectured about by republicans. It was totally absent, instead we saw a display of, violent, aggressive, sectarian bigotry.

“I have been in contact with senior PSNI offices including ACC Stephen Martin, to ensure that a full investigation will be carried out into the un-notified protest and the language and actions against members of Dervock Band. Also to be informed of what steps will be taken to bring before the courts those who attacked The Park Flute Band.

“While these were isolated incidents in the over all day, they still need to be dealt with by the police so that those small unrepresentative individuals are brought before the courts and made to pay for their deeds.

“I know having spoken to local traders and residents from Ballycastle that they wish to disassociate themselves from the actions of those who brought the name of Ballycastle into disrepute by the mindless actions of a few.”