Stop fly tipping now - Councillor’s appeal

GLENS Sinn Fein councillor Colum Thompson has appealed to those responsible for fly tipping around The Cliff Path area near Cushendall Beach to stop.

After a recent visit to the path councillor Thompson said: “The amount of garden waste being dumped in the area is a cause for concern. It has gotten to the stage where some of the path is going to be blocked with the amount of grass and hedge cuttings which are being dumped.

“Someone has also dumped a cooker which is visible from both the top and bottom paths. What makes matters worse is the fact that Moyle District Council currently provide a large bin for grass and hedge cutting waste at Cushendall Caravan Park and they also provide each household in Moyle with one free bulk waste collection service each year.

“There is absolutely no reason why people should be dumping illegally. In The Glens we rely on tourism as a means of creating business and jobs and this illegal dumping is totally counterproductive.

“It paints the area in a bad light and it is certainly not reflective of the behavior of the vast majority of the people in Cushendall. I will be asking Moyle District Council to erect some ‘No Dumping signs and also to increase environmental health patrols in the area so that a stop can be put to this practice.”