Stirring up a hornet's nest?

THIS insect - larger than a 50 pence piece - may stir up something of a hornet's nest in Ballymoney.

The Times was contacted by Fiona McKane (61), from Carnany Gardens, who said she came across the insect whilst out shopping in the town.

She said: "I never saw any insect as big as this in my life. I was in visiting my daughter Roberta, who works in Simpson's in Main Street, and this thing was buzzing about.

"It landed on my skirt at one stage and I certainly wouldn't like to get stung by something like that. In the end the butcher came in and give it a swipe and stunned it."

Roberta took the insect to the Times to see if we could help identify it.

Admitting it was perhaps a hornet she was otherwise puzzled as to what exactly it could be and where it came from.

Fiona said she had bought some fruit including bananas earlier on her shopping trip, which she still had with her when the insect was spotted, and wondered if the wasp-like insect could have possibly came into the country with a consignment of fruit.

As you can see from our picture it is bigger than a 50 pence piece!

If you can assist in telling us what it is please phone the Times office on 02827666216. In the mean time keep an eye on the skies!

Meanwhile, a huge moth-like creature (also larger than a 50 pence piece) has been spotted in north Antrim.

43-year-old Andy McCook found 'the moth' (pictured bottom right) at Fairhill Street, Armoy.

It was spotted hanging from a bush at his front door and he says it looked like a leaf at first.

Within in the last year a large moth type insect was spotted at Mosside.