Still no brand for new Council


A councillor has urged Council chiefs to make a move quickly on the new branding for the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.

Former Limavady Mayor, DUP councillor Alan Robinson, was speaking at last Tuesday night’s full meeting of council held at Cloonavin.

Recalling his time as Mayor of Limavady, he said: “Corporate gifts are important and they end up in all corners of the globe.

“They may not seem like very much to us, but they are important to visitors to the area.

“We’ve been in this new Council now for five months, I think it’s time that we pursued this as quickly as possible.”

The new Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, councillor Michelle Knight McQuillan agreed and joked that she was getting a reputation as ‘being a bit tight’ as she had nothing to give visitors to the Chamber.

At last month’s Corporate Policy and Resources committee members agreed to begin the short listing process of proposed designs for the new branding which will be on Council uniforms, vehicles, road signs, print, publications, websites and banners.

At the same meeting, Ballymoney councillor Ian Stevenson raised the issue of the Council name.

He asked why there had not been an equality impact assessment on the council name.

He pointed out that there was no reference to Ballymoney in the new Council name, however many other councillors added that the name ‘Coleraine’ was not present in the new name either.

The Ballymoney DUP man said that he felt the Council name as ‘not equal’.

Wishing to speak further on the subject, Councillor Stevenson was silenced by Mayor Knight McQuillan.

As Chair, Mayor Knight McQuillan pointed out that the topic councillor Stevenson was discussing had not been included in the minutes of the meetings.

Mayor McQuillan stressed that the full council meeting served the purpose of giving members the chance to see if the minutes of the committee meetings were a fair and accurate record of the meetings.


Meanwhile, committee members agreed to write to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister about the lack of movement on Northern ireland’s first enterprise zone which Chancellor George Osborne announced for Coleraine last year.