Sterling speech for Probus

VICE-PRESIDENT of Coleraine Probus Club Graham Kane introduced last week’s speaker, Stirling Wisener, former Admissions Officer at Queen’s University.

Mr Wisener is the son of the late Frank Wisener, the first principal of Millburn Primary School and also long time church organist in Coleraine.

Mr Wisener was born in Portstewart and educated at the Irish Society Boys’ School and Coleraine Inst. He won a county scholarship to Queen’s in 1957, where he obtained an Upper Second in Physics. After a short career in teaching in Belfast, he was appointed to the administrative at the University in 1967. On the retirement of Mr Max Freeland, he was appointed Admissions Officer in 1973. He retired from the Office in 2006.

Mr Wisener shared some recollections of his school days and also his student days at Queen’s, which he termed ‘the golden years’ at the University. He also outlined the duties of the Admissions Office and how they had changed over the years.

In the 1980s, the Office became responsible for the recruitment of international students and Mr Wisener travelled extensive in the Far East and China from which considerable numbers come each year to study here.

He recalled some of his interesting experiences in these regions and emphasised the importance of international students to the overall student body and also of the graduate network for not only Queen’s but Northern Ireland in general.

In conclusion a vote of thanks was proposed by Don Bell. Don congratulated Stirling on his most interesting talk.The meeting ended with the vice president passing the vote of thanks on.