Staying positive in Cloughmills

Recent events in Cloughmills, including the tragic suicides of two young people, have prompted the local Community Action Team to organise a special open night of support for the community.

Taking place on Thursday 24th March from 7.30 - 10pm at the new Community Hall, the evening is designed to promote positive mental health, resilience and coping skills to the entire community.

Marie Connolly, from the Cloughmills Community Action Team said: “Everyone in Cloughmills has been shocked and saddened by these events and our hearts go out to those most closely affected. As a community we want to support everyone as much as we can. There is so much research and knowledge available now about positive mental health. The open night will teach people how to recognise the early signs of mental health problems and most importantly what the individual and the community can do to prevent them going any further”.

Marie continued: “It is important that we de-stigmatise mental health issues, we can all be affected at some stage of our lives and for a number of different reasons. The important issue is that we are all aware of what the warning signs are and stand together as a community in support. I would ask as many of the community as possible to come along on Thursday 24th March to show their support for those directly affected and to help us ensure that it doesn’t have to happen again”.

The evening will consist of a number of professionals talking about the services available locally and there will also be information stands from a range of organisations including Lifeline, Samaritans, Women’s Aid, Zest, Citizen’s Advice covering a range of issues.

The evening is free to attend and supper will also be served. If anyone is currently in despair or distressed please contact Lifeline on their free phone no 0808 808 8000.

The evening has been supported by the North Antrim Community Network and the Northern Health & Social Care Trust.

For further information please contact Marie Connolly on 07779 203 027