Stay safe in the sun - health experts warn

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Olive MacLeod, Director of Nursing for the Northern Trust, urged the public to take care in the heat.

She said: “We would encourage everyone to enjoy the sun safely this summer by looking after themselves and others during the hot weather.

“Too much sun is extremely harmful and if sensible sun care is not followed, both short-term and long-term damage can occur. Those with heart, respiratory and serious health problems are more at risk and the heat can make these conditions worse.

“Children are particularly at risk as young skin is sensitive and very easily damaged by the sun. Use sunscreen specifically for children and remember to re-apply regularly, especially when children have been in water.

“Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur when your body becomes overheated. People are advised to stay out of the sun between 11am-3pm, wear loose fitting clothes and a sunhat and remember to drink plenty of fluids.”

Meanwhile, North Antrim Ulster Unionist Assemblyman Robin Swann said the community can help the elderly to combat the dangers posed by the heatwave.

Said Mr Swann: “As responsible citizens we have a duty to play in the protection of the elderly.

“ I appeal to the community to become the eyes and ears of the elderly.”