St. Colman’s recognises work of former Treasurer

DERVOCK man, Tommy Johnston, has spent a lifetime in the service of his local church.

Always a regular at St. Colmans, just a few steps from his home, Tommy’s worth was noted and he was appointed to the Select Vestry.

Less than a year after that he was handed the job of Assistant Treasurer and then became Treasurer in 1977 with the full approval of the Senior minister, Canon A. A. Johns.

Almost 40 years later, he was still counting the money and balancing the books in his own efficient manner.

Tommy has now retired from the position, but that’s not the end of his commitment to the Church for he will continue to serve as Sexton.

Never seeking any acknowledgement for his contribution, it came as something of a surprise when Tommy was presented with a watercolour of the Toberdoney Road in Dervock where his home happens to be. The presentation was made last month by the Rector, Rev. John Anderson.

It was an entirely appropriate gift and one which Tommy will always treasure.

“I know nothing about the presentation when I went to Church. It was a complete surprise, but one which I greatly appreciate,” he told the Times.

Tommy has no intention of easing up on his commitment to the Church.

“I will still be actively involved,” the retired Court Service worker said.

Well-known in Loyal Order circles, Tommy has also been involved in community work in Dervock for a number of years.