Speeding concerns in Seacon

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DUP Councillor, John Finlay, has written to PSNI in Ballymoney to express his concerns about speeding traffic in the village of Seacon.

Cllr Finlay said: “A number of my constituents in Seacon have told me of their concerns about the speed of traffic through the village.

“Unless steps are taken, people are fearful that someone will be injured or killed, and, bearing in mind what happened recently in Cloughmills, the last thing we want is to add to the death toll on our roads.

“I recently wrote to the PSNI in Ballymoney to ask for consideration to be given to the introduction of speed detectors or some other form of traffic calming measures, and I have been advised that police officers have been operating speed detectors over the past few weeks but, to date, there have been no detections.

“However, the PSNI assure me that they will continue to monitor the situation.

“I would encourage those who live in the village to also continue to monitor the speed of traffic. It is important that we take all steps necessary, whatever they might be, to ensure proper levels of road safety”.

Inspector David Anderson said: “Police have been carrying out speed checks in the area. When we have available resources, we will continue those speed checks. I would also urge drivers to slow down. There is a huge responsibility on all drivers to reduce the risk to themselves and other road users by curbing their speed.

“We know that speed is one of the biggest killers on our roads. The winter drink drive operation is now in full swing and while detecting drink drivers will be a priority, speeding and use of mobile phones will be also be a focus for police.”