Speed up repairs to Dervock bridge: Swann

Robin Swann
Robin Swann

North Antrim MLA Robin Swann has called on the Sinn Fein Infrastructure Minister “to get his act and gear and speed up the much-needed repair work to the damaged Dervock Bridge”.

Assemblyman Swann also expressed his “extreme disappointment” that the Dervock bridge repair was being delayed due to a change-over in contractors.

He added: “I am very surprised that interim measures are not in place while the change-over of contractors takes place. I will keep the pressure on the Department of Infrastructure and its Minister.”

A spokesperson for the Department’s Highway Structure at the Northern Division had earlier told Assemblyman Swann: “The repair works to the bridge parapet in Dervock have been briefed for repair. Unfortunately, we are currently at a change-over period between two contracts and currently do not have the resource available to carry out these repairs.

“The repair works have been programmed to take place as soon as the new contractor is in place – 18th August. In the meantime, the Section Office have been asked to make this section safe and these containment measures are inspected regularly.”