Speed limit signs now up at Bushside

SPEED restriction signs have been erected at the Clintyfinnan housing estate (Bushside) near Armoy.

Residents of the forty homes have welcomed the move which they say is long overdue.

Previous pressure from locals had resulted in Roads Service introducing warning messages, but the need for a restricted speed sign was the outcome sought by local MLA, Mervyn Storey.

He had been campaigning for sometime for a clearly defined speed limit both at Clintyfinnan and Druckendult and this week he said he was pleased that Roads Service had acted.

Mr. Storey revealed that the signs would actually have been up earlier only for the fact that Roads Service had none in stock.

However, the DUP representative cautioned: “The sad reality is that about signs is that they won’t stop some people from ignoring them, but let’s hope that if that is the case they will be detected and dealt with by the authorities.

“For the residents at least, the signs are a way of positively defining the speed at which vehicles can drive through this estate.”

In the past, the estate has witnessed a number of accidents including a fatality some years ago and residents have always expressed concern that more should have been done to restrict drivers.

It is expected that police patrols will be monitoring the area in the near future.