‘Spate’ of bin thefts

SINN Féin Glens councillor Noreen McAllister has called on all residents in the Glens areas to ensure their wheelie bins are properly secured.

Cllr Mc Allister said: “In recent weeks in the Glens area, there has been a spate of wheelie bins stolen or set on fire with the residents then left with the inconvenience and cost of replacing them.

“Whilst it is certainly not the fault of residents who have fallen prey to the thieves, I would urge people to try and make their bins as secure as possible or to leave it until as late as they can to have their bins ready for emptying.

“Those responsible for these wheelie bin attacks are preying on our communities and making life difficult for their victims as in these time of hardship, no one has the money to replace their bins and I would appeal to those doing this to stop.”