‘Someone is going to get killed’

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COUNCILLOR Anita Cavlan has hit out that ‘someone is going to get killed’ in Dunloy if motorists don’t reduce their speed.

The outcry was disclosed during a recent Ballymoney Borough Council meeting following news that Roads Service and the PSNI were proposing to reduce the length of the 30mph speed limit into the village and introduce ‘a sufficient length of 40mph restriction that will allow for police enforcement’.

During a recent Full Council meeting, members heard: “At a site meeting last year, it was agreed that Roads Service and the PSNI would examine a possible 40mph buffer speed limit for Bellaghy Road to help reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to the more built up area of Dunloy village.

“At that site meeting a number of options were discussed with some concerns being expressed about repositioning the existing 30mph speed limit slightly closer to the centre of the village. Roads Service has since examined a number of options with the PSNI and have agreed on a proposal that will provide for a sufficient length of 40mph restriction that will allow for police enforcement but it will involve a slight reduction in the length of the 30mph section. The new 30mph limit will still commence in advance of any housing development.”

Site plans, one showing the existing 30mph limit and three showing options for a 40mph buffer limit, were available for councillors to see. With Option 2 being highlighted as the preferred choice of both Roads Service and the PSNI.

Addressing the news, Cllr Anita Cavlan hit out: “This is a big issue and it is getting worse with speeding through the village, it is absolutely atrocious. I fear someone is going to get killed and I am at my wits end with what is going to be done.

“The diversions at the A26 are not helping with people using Dunloy as a short cut to and from Ballymoney and Ballymena.”

Alderman Bill Kennedy questioned why Roads Service couldn’t install humps, while Cllr John Finlay explained that it was up to the PSNI to catch those responsible and slow them down.

Cllr Tom McKeown stated that the issue had been raised at the Road Safety Partnership numerous times and that the PSNI were aware of the situation.

Outlining speeding on Queen Street, Ald Kennedy continued: “This problem is not just in Dunloy, Queen Street and the Grease Pit has speeders going up and down. The residents are going mad and I fear for the safety of children and the elderly.”

Cllr Finlay suggested that Council should write to the PSNI and Roads Service and complain about speeding on Queen Street and Dunloy. Cllr Cavlan proposed this and Ald Kennedy seconded it.

It was then agreed by Council to back Option 2 to have a new start to the 30mph speed limit into Dunloy before the built up area and provide a sufficient length of the 40mph restriction that will allow for police enforcement.