SOLAS gets new premises

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SOLAS, a local charity whose aim is to provide practical and accessible help to people in order to improve their emotional and mental health has moved to 62 Ann St Ballycastle.

A spokesperson for SOLAS volunteers said: “We would like to thank everybody who supported us through this move. A great generosity of spirit was demonstrated by some Moyle council members, local business people, SOLAS service users and friends and families of our volunteers.

“Our new building provides the space necessary to improve and extend our activities to bring emotional wellness to the population of Moyle.”

Through funding from the Public Health Agency SOLAS can offer the following therapies free of charge.

• Auricular Acupuncture. This therapy involves 5 small acupuncture needles being inserted in to the ears. It helps to create deep relaxation in the body and is beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety. It can be especially useful when trying to stop smoking or in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

• Yoga for Beginners. A ten week course for absolute beginners. Beneficial for some specific physical aches and pains and as an addition to a weight lose programme.

• Sessions at” The Box, Functional Fitness” Get physically fit with individual help from an experienced and qualified fitness trainer.

• Individual Counselling. A space to talk about worries and concerns.

• Complementary Therapies. Individual sessions of reflexology, therapeutic massage and energy healing.

For further information contact SOLAS on 028 2039 0135 or e mail solaswellbeing@gmail .com. Or come in and talk with one of our volunteers who will advise the most appropriate treatment for you or a member of your family.

Opening Hours – Monday 1-4pm: Tuesday & Wednesday 11am – 3pm and Friday 10am – 1pm.