Small screens increase the demands placed on our eyes

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We live in a world where people tend to be glued to their smartphones and electronic devices.

According to a study in Optometry and Vision Science, the relatively small screens found in these devices may necessitate close working distances and small text sizes, which can increase the demands placed on our eyes when compared with printed materials. This can result in disabling symptoms, which may include dry eye, ocular discomfort, eyestrain and blurred vision.

42% of UK adults now use a computer for at least five hours a day and 37% of regular computer users say they are worried about how their lifestyle may affect their future eye health.2 The use of electronic devices to view small type for many hours, frequently at close working distances, presents a variety of visual demands that are significantly different from those of printed materials in terms of working distances, gaze angle, and text sizes.

The increasing and constant use of handheld devices with small screens in our everyday lives, may contribute to symptoms of dry eye, which 17-30% of people experience at some point during their live.3 This is where Systaneâ Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops come in handy as they can provide lasting relief from dry eye and are suitable for contact lens wearers too.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. Tears are a complex cocktail made up of three layers and a disruption to any one of these layers can cause a problem.

If you suffer from dry eyes, the Systaneâ range includes three products to help manage symptoms so you can chose the most suitable treatment for your needs.

Systane® Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops (£9.59) – long lasting relief from dry eye

Systane® Ultra’s high performance formula provides long lasting relief from dry eye. It contains a unique polymer system, which converts the liquid drop into a thin gel upon contact with the ocular surface, but with specialised ingredients which manage the gelling process to reduce blurring.

Systane® Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops are available in a 10ml bottle as well as convenient preservative-free unit dose vials, which means that dry eye can be treated whenever needed and even whilst on-the-go.

Systane® Balance Lubricant Eye Drops (£9.89) is specially formulated for patients with dry eye associated with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, which can be diagnosed by your healthcare professional.

Systane® Gel Drops Lubricant Eye Gel (£9.89) provides relief from symptoms of more severe dry eye, where a more viscous shield is needed. It has been specially designed to lubricate and restore the ocular surface, protecting it from further damage and this product is perfect for night-time use as well as during the day.

Other causes of dry eye include environmental factors such as sun, wind, dry climate or high altitude, ageing or hormonal changes. Sometimes contact lenses irritate the eye and cause dry eye syndrome.4Systane Ultra, Systane Balance and Systane Gel Drops are available from opticians and pharmacies nationwide.