Slimming World success

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“Before losing weight I couldn’t see my feet, from day to day I couldn’t remember what shoes I was wearing!”

Retired confectionery Sales Rep Jim struggled with his weight for over 20 years. It affected his life to such an extent that he lost his self confidence; he recalls “my clothes never looked good on me and I felt so unattractive that I stopped socialising”.

Since reaching his target weight loss of three stone with Slimming World in Stranocum, he is so excited about his new life as he has much more energy to play with his grandchildren and can also manage his volunteering work within a local church in Ballymoney with more ease.

Jim couldn’t believe just how quickly and comfortably he could lose weight, without ever feeling hungry. “My favourite meal is steak, potatoes and vegetables, I could eat until I was satisfied, and still lose weight!” Jim is now enjoying a new wardrobe of clothes and so many people are complimenting him on how well he looks. It’s been and continues to be such a boost to his confidence. He urges anyone male or female that is unhappy with their weight loss to visit Slimming World Stranocum, at Bushvalley Primary School on Thursdays at 5.30 or 7.30pm or call Jayne Workman on 077206 77709.

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