Slimming World Armoy celebrates new venue

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It’s hard to believe that Summer is just around the corner. It can be a difficult time for us Slimmers when we are out of routine and kids are off school. That’s why at Slimming World we promise our members that our groups will continue to run as normal through those difficult months. 52weeks a year support. We have an exciting Summer of support in store for our amazing members to continue to motivate and inspire them week in and week out.

Carole the Slimming World Consultant from the group in Armoy says: “Not only have we as a company got an exciting Summer ahead of us, our fantastic Armoy group has an exciting change of venue happening from 3rd July. With Slimming World we endeavour to do our very best for our members and provide them with a venue which has ample parking, convenience and comfort, and so are over the moon to be able to provide all of these with our new venue in Armoy Rugby Club, on the Drones Road just outside Armoy”. Since the Armoy group launched in October last year Carole has been overwhelmed with their commitment to their weightless journeys and amazing weightlosses on a weekly basis. She is delighted that so many of them have already achieved so many awards. Ranging from half stone, to Club 10- our unique award recognising massive health benefits by losing 10% of your initial weight all up to our fab Personal Achievement Target award. Carole says, “I am sure that our new adventure in our brand new venue will continue to add to the successes of our members in Aromy, I can hardly wait!”

As Slimming World only recruits its Consultants from their own members, Carole knows all too well the insecurities that come alongside change and walking through the doors of a Slimming World group. She says, “I still remember walking through the doors expecting to be judged and what I experienced in Slimming World couldn’t have been further from that. I was met by loads of friendly faces. Absolutely no judgement or humiliation. I was humbled by the fact that everyone in that group was there for the exact same reason. And that atmosphere is exactly what I aim to continue though our fantastic group in Armoy”.

With Slimming Word Image Therapy is our most powerful tool, it’s the heart and soul of group, support our members get week in and week out. It’s where like minded members are able to support each other, share ideas, learn and relearn about our fantastic Food Optimising plan-week in and week out. Everyone working together is the magic of Image Therapy. Our amazing Food Optimising plan is where our members are able to enjoy everything in moderation, with a massive range of foods they can enjoy freely without weighing or measuring. As its ‘normal’ foods there are ample of recipes which can be enjoyed by the whole family. In group on a weekly basis not only do we have the unique support of Image Therapy but our amazing corner shop supplying our fabulous Slimming World magazine. Packed with inspiration stories, recipes galore and news updates on brand new products. Also we have recently launched are absolutely gorgeous ‘Rocky Road’ flavour hifi bar, which can be enjoyed within our Food Optimising plan.

With Slimming World we work with our members and empower them to make the choice of where they would like their Target to be, and once they achieve that we continue to support them freely for life. Having achieved her Target weight herself Carole says, “the support received through Slimming World and all of our fellow members is next to none, reaching Target allows our confidence to soar again and it is like a new world opens up for you, you become the person you truly want to be”.

Everyones journey is different and Carole wants to confirm to any existing members of the Armoy group or anyone who wishes to join that both her along with Slimming World will be there every step of the way with you. If you would like to change your life and feel healthier in yourself why not pop along to the Armoy Rugby Club at either 5.30 or 7.30pm where you are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and a room full of care and support. For more infomation please call Carole on 07715 439 212.

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