SLIDESHOW - internet safety day at Straidbilly PS

Pupils at Straidbilly Primary School recently participated in a wide variety of activities to promote pupils’ safety when using on-line devices.

P1 pupils had fun learning the internet explorer symbol.

Mrs Jess with her Primary Seven pupils during Internet Safety Day at Straidbilly Primary school Liscolman

Mrs Jess with her Primary Seven pupils during Internet Safety Day at Straidbilly Primary school Liscolman

Smartie the Penguin helped them to understand what to do when things are worrying and confusing to them. They made wonderful penguin masks and a penguin collage and took part in role-play activities exploring different feelings.

Smartie the Penguin also helped the P2s understand what to do if they get stuck when using the computer. They really enjoyed singing Smartie’s song, made super penguin puppets and drew pictures of people who could help them if they got stuck.

P3 and P4 pupils used an on-line story book entitled Digiduck, who taught the children to “think before we click”. Digiduck taught the children to think about others’ feelings before they send messages to friends. The children made Digiduck headbands to remember good behaviour when using the internet. They also cards with made-up usernames on them which they can use to enter into personal information rather than their own details.

P5 explored many of the CEOP “think u know” resources and watched the Safer Internet Day video, sang songs, learned 10 top tips, visited Cyber Café to learn how to behave when texting and using email and played board games related to internet safety.

P6 pupils watched CEOP “Jigsaw” video and discussed the importance of keeping personal details private. They made Cyber Smartypants Cupcakes following a recipe with tips to remember when using on-line media. They also made people pledges, highlighting a behaviour/action they promise to carry out.

P7 pupils created definitions of the internet and discussed the benefits and potential dangers of using the internet. They researched examples of internet safety posters and designed their own versions. They also created their own class rules/advice for safer use of the internet.

The school has organised for the PSNI to give further advice through workshop activities for P6&7 in the coming weeks and also for an information evening for parents in March.