Six new Apprentices of Benvardin APBOD

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Six new candidates from Dervock have followed their forefathers and travelled to the Memorial Hall in the Maiden city to be initiated with the crimson colours.

A spokesperson explained: “It’s generally accepted that friendship derives when one or a group of like-minded people have a common interest? Historians record that since Mitchelburne Club Apprentice Boys of Derry, Benvardin Branch was formed in 1947 there has always been a close relationship with a great membership from neighbouring village, Dervock.

“Photographs and other documentation support that the ‘club’ would leave Benvardin Hall to attend the ‘Relief of Derry’ commemoration with upwards of 100 men on parade.

“It was the responsible for the formation of a new Branch Club namely Bushside, whose original 13 members were initiated in Benvarden and attended there until they received their Charter.”

Pictured are Lieutenant Governor, Bro. Graeme Stenhouse and officers of the Parent Club who welcome the candidates for Mitchelburne Club Apprentice Boys of Derry, Benvardin Branch.