Shop local this Christmas, urges McAfee

BALLYMONEY Independent councillor Roma McAfee has called for the people of Ballymoney to support, when possible local retailers on the run up to Christmas.

While Councillor McAfee admitted that in some instances it is cheaper to go to larger stores in other towns or shop online she suggested that buying local would have positive knock on effects for Ballymoney.

“I regularly call into a number of local shops and hear how it is a struggle to maintain their business in these difficult times. It is my opinion that in such times it’s even more important to support local retailers,” she told the Times.

“Shopping locally has many advantages. A lot of local people are employed in shops in the town. If people support local business this will have a positive effect on the area’s economy and naturally help to sustain jobs.”

Councillor McAfee explained that she had made a conscious decision to this year stay as local as possible.

“I would say that approximately 80% of the presents that I have bought this year were from local retailers. Of course it is not always possible however I think it is important to make an effort.”

Councillor McAfee also praised the efforts of Ballymoney Town Centre Manager Joanne McLaughlin who organised Friday’s Shop and Sip.

“I think it was a great initiative and it was great to see so many people prepared to support it,” she concluded.