Shaun sets out vision for cardiac group


The NICPF Spring conference was held at the Royal Hotel Cookstown on Wednesday 7 March.

The newly appointed Chairman Mr Shaun Esler (pictured right) addressed the members from the Cardiac Support Groups in Northern Ireland and set out his vision for the way forward for the Forum in 2012.

The Keynote speaker was Dr A Khan a cardiologist based at the Belfast City Hospital now part of the Belfast Trust.

Dr Khan spoke of his experiences in cardiology outside of the United Kingdom. He gave a visual example of two male persons taking a heart attack,

one in Northern Ireland and the other man in the Sub Continent of India. There was a striking difference between how long it took the man in India to get to the hospital and the time it took the man in Northern Ireland.

The man in India on reaching hospital and having a heart attack confirmed was asked to pay for a bypass operation

and had to have a deposit ready in place before the surgeon would operate.

The man in Northern Ireland was immediately on reaching the hospital taken to the operating theatre and had stents placed in his blocked arteries.

The second guest speaker was Dr David Stewart who outlined his work in the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.

Dr Stewart told members that Chief Executives of Hospital Trusts were responsible for quality of care as well as finance.

He said his Inspectorate made both announced and unannounced visits to Hospitals and Nursing Homes to check on the standards of care.