SF Cllr calls for commonsense approach to fireworks

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Cloughmills Sinn Féin Councillor Cathal Mclaughlin has called on parents to make sure that their children understand the dangers of fireworks and appreciate the distress that misuse of these items can cause to the elderly, the very young and to pets.

Cllr McLaughlin said: “We are still three weeks away from Halloween and fireworks are already being misused within built up areas. Fireworks are not toys, they are explosive devices that can cause and have caused serious injury and death.

“These devices have an obvious appeal to young people, who have little or no understanding of their lethal nature or of the distress and annoyance they can cause for the elderly and the very young, for pets and for neighbours trying to have a peaceful evening at home. Parents have a responsibility to their neighbours and a duty to their children to ensure that fireworks are not misused and that the dangers are understood. “

“The Councillor revealed that he had received a number of complaints about illegal fireworks being sold within the Council district and being used in a reckless and dangerous way.”

Mr McLaughlin said: “Anyone buying these items other than from a licensed retailer is taking a serious risk and may end up with inferior devices capable of causing permanent disablement or even death. Anyone with knowledge of illegal fireworks sellers should make their neighbourhood policing teams aware of the practice before someone is badly injured.

“Fireworks should only be purchased from licensed retailers and used under strict supervision at the appropriate time of year.”