Scrap metal theft warning

A LEADING police officer in Ballymoney is urging the public to be aware of the lengths thieves will go to steal scrap metal.

Inspector David Anderson said the high price of copper and other metals means thieves are particularly active.

He was speaking after two thefts in the Rasharkin area on Monday of last week which are believed to be linked.

A copper cyclinder was stolen from the rear of a house at Glenfield and then a 250 gallon aluminium tank was stolen from a house adjacent to Main Street.

Inspector Anderson said: "I want to highlight to people who have copper and aluminium to make sure it is secure because the value of scrap metal is making it appealing to thieves."

He said such items should either be kept in a locked shed or outhouse or if it cannot be put inside it should be locked in or fenced in and have a security light.

Police want to hear from anyone who sees people removing scrap metal in suspicious circumstances or who is offered scrap metal for sale in suspicious circumstances to get in touch with them.

And anyone who wants crime prevention advice can also contact police on 08456008000.