Roundabout markings are too narrow - Storey claims

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New road markings at the roundabout above Trolan’s supermarket are causing problems for motorists according to North Antrim MLA, Mervyn Storey.

During a presentation by Roads Service to the council last week, Mr Storey raised the issue of the markings and said there had been a number of close shaves involving motorists either turning right up the Garryduff Road or going straight ahead towards Ballymena.

Outlining the problems to representatives Mr Colin Hutchinson, the Strategic Roads manager for the area and Mr John McKinley, Section Engineer, Mr Storey said the markings were placed accurately but the problem emerged when one car was in the left lane and the other in the right both going separate directions.

“The problem here is that the road is very narrow and I have been informed that there has been a number of close shaves when motorists are turning right to go towards the High School and the other vehicle is going towards Ballymena,” Mr Storey said.

Alderman Frank Campbell said he had also been made aware of similar problems and at a meeting of the local Road Safety committee concern was expressed and the matter passed on to the PSNI.

Mr McKinley said suggested they would take another look at possible re-alignment and adjustment of markings at the roundabout.