Rotary club raise more than £10,000 to help fight polio

THE BBC recently carried extensive coverage about Rotary’s 20+ year campaign aimed to eradicate polio from the world. Ballymoney Rotary Club has done its bit to support this worthy cause, raising during that period over £10,000.

As a final push a few years ago the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation issued Rotary with a challenge.

It would provide a grant of $355 million, if Rotary could raise $200 million. It is thanks to our local communities that this has been realised. That milestone was reached through huge efforts from Rotary clubs worldwide and the final push is underway.

Since 1988 polio incidence has plummeted by 99%. Last year there were only 650 cases.India has just joined the list of countries free of the disease.

Only a handful of countries remain on the endemic list. The last remote communities in Afghanistan, Nigeria andPakistan will prove challenging but resources are in place to make it happen.

Ballymoney Rotary Club recognises the contribution as a community has made and wishes to extend its sincere thanks.