Rotary Club of Ballycastle needs your bikes and books

FOR many African children, the journey to school each day is one undertaken by foot, often in searing heat.

Not only do these youngsters arrive late, they also begin the school day exhausted.

Bikes 4 Africa and Books 4 Africa aim to change lives through education and as flagship programmes proudly sponsored by Rotary International Britain and Ireland, they present themselves as easy to engage with projects targeting poverty and improving literacy and learning.

Bikes 4 Africa refurbishes donated second hand bikes and delivers them to African schools, whilst Books 4 Africa supplies suitable story, textbook and reference publications in support of the school curriculum.

With every bike received, £10 shipment funding is also required to ensure their passage to Africa – for the books; this translates into 50p per title.

Over the past few weeks, members of the Rotary Club of Ballycastle have been actively endorsing this very worthy campaign and to date have amassed some 60 bicycles in addition to countless books.

Project leaders, Gemma McHenry and Peter Dallat are delighted with the response.

“We would continue to urge the local community to give the matter some serious thought,” said Gemma, a sentiment echoed by Peter who is certain that there remains plenty of unused bikes and books in the locality - each one with the potential to change a life.

“There has been a terrific groundswell of support and as Rotarians we are well aware of the generosity the people of Moyle demonstrate.”

For those who cannot donate a bike or books, monetary contributions are equally acceptable, going in no small measure towards the cost of delivering our items to their intended destination. For more information please contact Gemma on 07739405543 or Peter on 07764221099.

With Christmas just around the corner and the possibility of Santa delivering a new bike why not do your part and spread the spirit a little further this year?