Rosemary’s glitter boots gets her charity money

DERVOCK lady, Rosemary Johnston, admits that when she took to the streets wearing a pair of gold-coloured glitter boots, it wouldn’t have won her any plaudits in the fashion stakes.

Not that she cared one little bit for the boots proved so much of a talking point that she turned what some thought was a negative into a positive and raised a three-figure sum for Clic Sargent cancer.

Last winter, Rosemary, like everyone else in the country, was shivering from the extreme cold. Her sister came to her aid aftery spying a pair of fur-lined boots in a charity shop and promptly bought them for her at the princely sum of £1.50p.

When people began commenting on them, Rosemary decided to ask them for a donation - “I have the neck for anything except soap and water,” she joked.

Donations, big and small, soon turned into a healthy sum and Rosemary now has a cheque for £150 to present to Clic Sargent.

On the day before they closed for the summer period, Rosemary went along to Dervock School Playgroup to thank the youngsters and staff there for helping her raise the money.

Her great niece and nephew, Ember Irvine and Ethan Walsh each wore one of the boots at Rosemary’s request while the other children and staff including Playgroup leader, Mary Gillen, and assistants, Jill Morgan and Kathy Wilmot, posed for their picture.

Rosemary was delighted with the response from the public and would like to thank everyone, also including family and friends, who contributed.

She is, of course, no stranger to the charity world having contributed greatly in the past to Dervock Community Association’s civic week as well as to the senior citizens.

She has undertaken charity walks and reflects on a time of good fun and crack in the Dervock area.