Rosemary Drama Group bring ‘Pride’s Crossing’ to Ballymoney Town Hall

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Rosemary Drama Group, the largest and most active theatre group in Belfast, is preparing to take its latest production, Pride’s Crossing by Tina Howe, on the festival circuit to Ballymoney.

On Wednesday, March 7, the group will be visiting Ballymoney Town Hall with ‘Pride’s Crossing’ by Tina Howe.

At ninety, Mabel Tidings Bigelow is a passionate woman who is preparing to throw a Fourth of July croquet party to celebrate her granddaughter Julia’s visit. Present events call to Mabel’s mind memories from her past by means of vignettes from the last eighty years. As her mind flashes back to the past, we see Mabel’s wit and humour, resilience, disappointments, youthful spunk and geriatric wilfulness come into play.

Since the audience is introduced to the many figures from Mabel’s past, the production features over 20 actors on stage, from veteran Eileen Lee as old Mabel to first timer Ciaran Gough as Phinney, Mabel’s younger brother.

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