Robinson becomes NILGA Vice-President

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DUP councillor Evelyne Robinson has become Vice-President of NILGA (the Northern Ireland Local Government Association).

As the second largest party following the 2011 elections, Sinn Fein now holds the NILGA presidency for the term 2012/13.

The Sinn Fein Office Bearer representative on NILGA, Councillor Seán McPeake was appointed President at the NILGA Annual General Meeting last Friday in Lissanoure Castle.

In his presidential address, Cllr McPeake said: “I am delighted to take on the Presidency of NILGA at what is a massively challenging crossroads for local government. The sector is faced with numerous critical issues, from finance to legislation, from increased service demands to regulatory demands, but with these challenges come massive opportunities. NILGA will deliver on every bit of its work plan.

“A huge amount needs to be done in order to support the delivery of local government reform, but this sector has never been afraid of putting solutions on the table and doing hard work linked to a strong vision.

“Councils and Councillors, I encourage you to drive the reform agenda in your districts, working together and through NILGA. The sector is here for local councils, local people and local communities – they come first and must drive what we do. Unity is strength”.

In closing, Cllr McPeake, thanked his fellow Officers Bearers, Cllr Evelyne Robinson (DUP), Ald Arnold Hatch (UUP), Cllr Dermot Curran (SDLP) and Ald Tom Ekin (Alliance) for their support and encouraged their ongoing commitment as NILGA Office Bearers for the year ahead.