Roads Service and NIE deserve our praise - SDLP

MOYLE SDLP Councillors for Moyle Dónal Cunningham and Catherine McCambridge have praised the work of both DRD Roads Service and the NIE power teams for the urgency both organisations displayed as they battled to reach many inaccessible rural communities in the Moyle area who have been hit hard by the poor weather.

“Since Friday many roads have been completely cut off because of the snowdrifts leaving some people totally housebound often without power or heat or telephone cover,” they said.

“The farming communities are obviously most anxious as many cannot access their animals to feed them, particularly during lambing season. The snow is so thick that farming equipment is failing to clear the roads. Animals will be distressed and farmers will no doubt feel deeply worried.”

“Despite these difficulties both the DRD Roads Service and NIE have shown the best character of public service and community focus as they work long and hard to reach the inaccessible.”