Riada Probus visit Dungiven

Probus Club visit Gelvin. INBM23-15 S
Probus Club visit Gelvin. INBM23-15 S

Twenty one members of Riada Probus Club (Ballymoney) enjoyed an outing with a difference in a very scenic spot off the Legavallen Road, near Dungiven recently.

The members settled at a long table in the former classroom of Gelvin School which is now a community centre, and were treated to tea and coffee while John Forsythe regaled them with the background story, regarding his turbine project.

He was one of four initial applicants to the Renewable Obligations Certificate fund, in response to government diversification objectives, but in the end the only one to succeed in completing his project.

The made it to the turbine shed just in time to avoid a sharp shower and were entertained to the simplicity and yet sophistication of the electricity generation which ensured that the farm used zero electricity from the grid.

What probably impressed members most was the effervescent humour and the array of anecdotes which tumbled out continuously from John, the host, and his brother during our visit.

The vote of thanks, from newest member, James Surgenor, was heartily endorsed, and members were well warmed by the generous and varied lunch provided back in Gelvin. President, Archie McKeeman, thanked to treasurer John Ramsay, and his wife, for organising the visit.