Rhythm and Hues II at Portstewart

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Hailed as one of Europe’s finest painters, Julian Friers and his collection of musical portraits are one of the main attractions at Flowerfield Arts Centre this month.

Entitled ‘Rhythm and Hues II’, the paintings are a significant departure from his usual wildlife subjects. They portray many well-known faces of the music business including Mary Black, Anne Mac and the late Henry Mc Cullough.

Originally from Bangor, Julian embarked on beginning his collection of musical portraits in 2011. His interest in music is clear as he plays the flute, mandolin and the fiddle. His two sons are also in a band and have helped him make connections with many of the musical individuals that he has painted.

Julian’s images of musical personalities were first featured in Flowerfield Arts Centre in 2012. At this time, the collection consisted of 12 portraits including local guitar legend Henry McCullough. Henry sadly passed away last year, but his portrait has made a return appearance as part of this new exhibition and is proving to be one of the highlights.

Julian has been awarded many accolades in his life and in 2009 he was appointed President of the Royal Ulster Academy. He’s held in high esteem as an artist and it’s hoped that his musical portraits will eventually find a permanent home where they can be viewed at all times.

The ‘Rhythm & Hues II’ exhibition is currently being shown in the Main Gallery at Flowerfield Arts Centre. The exhibition runs until February 24th, Monday to Friday, 9am– 5pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm. Admission is free.