Rev Blair at Ballymoney RP Church


Have you listened to ‘Thought for the Day’?

Have you been able to keep those things in your thoughts throughout the day? The idea behind a thought for the day is that you have something that will take you through the ups and downs of any particular day and enable you in all the duties that come to you.

Thinking about our thoughts is something that we ought to do. As we go through each day we will have many thousands of thoughts on all kinds of subjects.

In a series of three special meetings in Ballymoney Reformed Presbyterian Church, Rev. Raymond Blair is going to address these questions. On Thursday, 26 February he will be asking the question, Who knows your thoughts?

On Friday, 27 February he will be asking the question, Who has the first place in your thoughts? On the Lord’s Day evening Mr Blair will address the question, Who can give you the best thoughts?

All are very welcome to these meetings to be held at the Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House, Charlotte Street, Ballymoney. The Thursday and Friday evening meetings commence at 8pm and the Lord’s Day at 7 pm.