Retired workers are Stormont-bound

RETIRED NHS workers voted for a visit to Stormont for their summer outing this year, during their Annual General Meeting held at the Causeway Hospital.

Welcoming members both new and old to the Causeway NHS Retirement Fellowship, Chair Willa Robinson opened the meeting which began with an election of officers appointed for the year 2011-12.

Incoming Chair Mrs Kathleen Presha, is joined by Vice Chairman Mrs Meta Cochrane, Secretary Miss Barbara Clyde, Treasurer Mrs Doreen Halliday, Social Secretary Mrs Meta Cochrane and Visitor Mrs Frances Morrison.

After business was concluded, Doreen Halliday entertained the group with a thought-provoking story of twins, before Willa took on the mantle of quiz master in a lively set of quick fire questions to keep members on their toes.

After tea and delicious refreshments were served, the evening concluded with a ‘Sale’ of goods brought in by members.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th April 2011 when the speaker will be Eileen Mol, on the subject of ‘Something to think about, something to laugh about’.

For details on how to join the Fellowship, or any further information please contact Secretary Miss Barbara Clyde 02829557255.