‘Respond to health consultation’

HEALTH care providers, community groups and members of the public in Moyle have been urged to respond to Moyle District Council’s consultation on ‘Transforming Your Care’ by Sinn Fein councillor Colum Thompson.

Councillor Thompson said: “Moyle District Council began the process of forming a response on behalf of the people of Moyle after a suggestion which Sinn Fein made at a recent council meeting. Given the importance of health care and the potential reproductions for residents of rural areas such as Moyle I feel it is essential that as many people as possible make their feelings known.

“The ‘Transforming Your Care’ document is available for members of the public to view at www.tycconsultation.hscni.net and I would encourage everyone to take the time to view it. Sinn Fein believes that whatever changes come through this strategy the fundamental principal of the health service, healthcare free at the point of delivery, cannot be altered.

“We also believe that any restructuring of health care cannot dilute access to essential services such as medical appointments and specialist care and I would particularly encourage anyone who is currently receiving regular medical treatment to provide council with details of their experiences and opinions.”