Reports of ‘punctures’ as road littered with stones

THERE were unconfirmed reports of cars getting punctures after large stones littered the Moyarget Road near the Dry Arch outside Mosside.

The stones fell off a lorry according to Roads Service chiefs.

Unsuspecting motorists ploughed into the large number of sizeable pieces of masonry.

The situation was so bad police were contacted and they put out hazard warning signs during the incident on Tuesday of last week.

One motorist said: “This was not just a few stones lying on the road it was one of the worst spillages of stones I ever saw on a road in this area.

“And these were not wee pebbles but sharp jagged sizeable stones capable of doing harm to a car. It was like driving into a minefield and I heard some people saying that there were some cars stopped at the side of the road because they received punctures.”

Inspector Bryan Hume of Moyle Police told the Times: “We had complaints about this and put up signs to warn drivers. We contacted Roads Service and they cleared the stones off the road.

“We had no reports of punctures but that is probably something that people would report to Roads Service,” added Mr Hume.

A Roads Service spokesperson said: “We responded to a report that a quantity of stones had fallen from a lorry onto the carriageway on Moyarget Road near The Dry Arch on Tuesday evening. Roads Service removed the stones and brushed the carriageway.”